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If you have been looking to renovate your existing bathroom or design a new bathroom, then let Romans Haus help you with a wide range of bathroom furniture available at its showroom.

At the Romans Haus bathroom showrooms London, we have a range of fitted bathrooms that redefine luxury and elegance. Visit us in person to see our range first-hand and choose a style that fits your needs.

Our partners include Duravit, Bauhaus, Bette Baths, Simpson’s, Crosswater, Rocca, No Code, Grohe & Hansgrohe.

Roca Bathrooms London

Draw your plans for a new and beautiful GSI bathrooms, and watch them come to life with Roca bathrooms, London. Roca provides a striking selection of furniture that is not only remarkable to look at, but they are of high quality and long lasting as well.

You will get to shop some of the unique and exclusive pieces of furniture manufactured by Roca at Romans Haus.

Hansgrohe London

Hansgrohe is a leading name in the sphere of bathroom furniture. It brings the best in quality contemporary bathroom vanities, sinks, and other supplies at a price that the customers can easily afford.

Check out the collection of Hansgrohe London at our showroom, and get some of the most exclusive pieces for your bathroom.

What Makes Us Best to Approach for GSI Bathrooms Furniture?

At the Romans Haus bathroom showroom in Uxbridge, we have a range of fitted bathrooms that redefine luxury and elegance. Visit us in person to see our range first-hand and choose a style that fits your needs, which can then be fitted by installers.

Come to us to view our excellent selection of free-standing baths, showers, vanity units and anything else you will need to create your dream GSI bathrooms. For the adventurous and discerning customer, you will not want to miss our incredible copper baths for a traditional and extravagant note to the centerpiece of your bathroom.

With most of our stock available for immediate pickup or next-day delivery, we make finding a quality fitted bathroom in London incredibly easy.



At the Romans Haus bathroom showroom in Uxbridge, we have a range of fitted bathrooms that redefine luxury and elegance. Visit us in person to see our range first-hand and choose a style that fits your needs, Moving into a new house or just renovating? Check out our range of designer bathrooms at Roman Haus in Uxbridge, where we can make your dreams a reality.

Our partners include Duravit, Bauhaus, Bette Baths, Simpson’s, Crosswater, Rocca, No Code, Grohe & Hansgrohe in london.

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Transform your lifestyle with Duravit bathrooms London

Want to Design Your Own Bathroom? Go for Duravit Bathrooms London

Intelligent products for beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable Duravit bathrooms that ensure wellbeing for many years to come.

Innovation, outstanding design and highest product quality. Have a look at their Duravit Sensowash toilet.

Duravit offers Intelligent products for beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable bathrooms that ensure wellbeing for many years to come.

Duravit specialise in the following:-

  • Bathroom ceramics 
  • Sinks, console basins, toilets, bidets, urinals.
  • Bathroom furniture 
  • Cabinets, mirrors, consoles, vanity units.
  • Tubs & Showers 
  • Bath tubs, Showers and Shower screens.
  • Well-being products 
  • Pools, Sauna und Steam showers.
  • SensoWash® shower toilet 
  • The shower toilet - for that freshly - washed feeling.

We’re also proud suppliers of all major bathroom product brands, including Roca, Vitra, Bette Baths, Tavistock And many more…


Leaders in bathroom design, Crosswater Holdings has been welcomed by the specialist bathroom retailer market since it was established in 1998.

Excelling with a vast, exciting and innovative product range has led us to become one of the most pioneering companies in the UK with three distinctive and prevailing brands: Crosswater, Simpsons and Bauhaus. Choose distinctive style and explore the next generation of bathroom brassware, furniture and shower enclosures that range from the simply elegant to the truly inspirational and extraordinary. We source the best designers and finest of materials to offer you the best in design, innovation and quality.

Discover Simpsons shower enclosures, designed to suit all bathroom environments. Choose exceptional style and explore designs created with superior production techniques using the finest materials.


Explore the Extravagance Appliances of Crosswater Bathrooms London

Express Your Creative Side with Crosswater Bathrooms London

Discover distinctive designs and browse the next generation of taps and mixers with a collection that ranges from simple elegance to the truly inspirational and extraordinary from Crosswater.

The Crosswater shower range features everything required to complete a co-ordinated look in your bathroom.

Visit our showroom today to have a look at our amazing selection of Crosswater Bathrooms London.


Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.

By using the raw materials glass, water and steel, we create products in a large range of shapes, dimensions and colours, and we finish them with an exceptionally brilliant surface, the BETTEGLAZE®.


Time to Get Stunned with The Striking Variety of GSI Bathrooms

Add an Extra Dash of Grace to Your Shower Room with GSI Bathrooms

Today, the bathroom is the centre of relaxation and well-being in the home; a retreat, and an island of calm in a busy world.

GSI is an eclectic family of bathroom designs chosen for their quality and beauty; a pallete of styles to reflect your choice of design. From affordable Sand to the luxury of comforting, classical Retro and clean modern Spa. Browse the GSI bathrooms collection at our showroom today.


Hansgrohe, London - for contemporary and stylish bathroom

Bringing to You a Chic Selection of Bathroom Furniture Hansgrohe London

Hansgrohe London are a German-based bathroom supplier with more than a century of experience in producing beautiful, reliable and high-quality bathroom appliances to countless satisfied customers.

We stock a great range of Hansgrohe London products so that you can see for yourself why they’re so popular.

Roca Bathrooms London

Stylish, contemporary, and highly functional are some of the terms that define our collection of Roca bathrooms London. Install the kitchen essentials that we offer in your bathroom and make it a sheer place of relaxation. Our collection of bathroom appliances can enhance the functionality as well as the appearance of your bathroom.

Enjoy your own weekend getaway in your shower room designed by Roca bathroom furniture. You will find a large number of fascinating appliances in our showroom that you would love to buy for your home. Each of the furniture items we offer are of the highest quality. So, you can be assured of using them for a longer time. So, wait not, and visit our showroom today and start purchasing our bathroom furniture.

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